What to Expect During Pregnancy
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What to Expect During Pregnancy

Along with the development of the life inside a woman's body comes the various changes in a woman's physiology. These are the symptoms telling the woman that there is already a baby formed inside the womb.

Pregnancy is the term for when a woman is carrying a life within her. This life, called a zygote in scientific terms will grow inside the woman's womb until it is fully developed.

Fertilization occurs when the sperm from the male unites with the woman's egg cell.  The fertilized egg then travels from the fallopian tube to the uterus and attaches itself to the wall where it will develop to full term.

Along with the development of the life inside a woman's body comes the various changes in a woman's physiology. These are the symptoms telling the woman that there is already a baby formed inside the womb. The symptoms of pregnancy start with amenorrhea or the absence of a woman's menstruation. Other symptoms include swollen breasts, getting tired easily; sometimes a woman will crave for certain foods, morning sickness and headache among others. These symptoms are due to the changes in hormones, the body's way of preparing for the additional life to support. The woman's body will begin to change and will work doubly hard in order to support both the woman and the growing baby inside.

These physiological changes may also cause changes in a woman’s emotional reactions. Sometimes a woman may feel overly irritable and will be crying the next moment. The people around her will just have to be patient and understand her because a woman cannot control the emotional feelings she is undergoing.

When a woman begins to feel these symptoms, she may already know that she is pregnant but the first step in order to confirm this is to take a pregnancy test. A simple home pregnancy test should be able to confirm the woman's instinct that she is pregnant. The pregnancy test will measure the hcg or human chorionic gonadotropin levels of a woman, a high hcg level will mean that a woman is indeed pregnant.

Once pregnancy is confirmed, a woman should seek the assistance of an OB-gynecologist in order to closely monitor both the mother and the baby's health and the overall progress of the pregnancy. There are also some other things that a woman needs to do in order to help her body sustain the additional needs of the baby in the womb. Thus she should be conscious of the foods that she eats, these should be healthy and free from chemicals that may affect the development of the baby. Vices such as smoking and alcohol intake should be stopped immediately because if these substances are harmful to the body, they are doubly harmful to the developing baby.

The first few weeks of pregnancy is a roller coaster ride especially for the first time moms because of the physiological changes and the woman's body is still adjusting.  On the fourth month or week 16 of pregnancy, the body may already have adjusted to the additional requirements of the developing baby and the next months of pregnancy will become easier.  Regular check ups with the OB-Gynecologist however should be continued so that the development and the health of the mother will be properly monitored.

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Interesting and informative presentation...Thanks Marie for sharing

A great pregnancy walk-through. It's simply amazing how life is created!