Top Fertility and Trying to Conceive Resources on the Web
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Top Fertility and Trying to Conceive Resources on the Web

The five best resources on the web for trying to conceive and fertility. Free charting software, community forums, success stories and discounted fertility aids.

Whether you are contemplating trying to conceive (TTC), a beginner to charting, or a TTC veteran, you can find everything you need on the web. The business of fertility and TTC has advanced tremendously in the last decade or so, and with the internet it is only getting easier. You can have online charting software that is interpreted for you, community forums and infertility success stories. There are articles to answer every question you might have about the TTC process and beyond. The following are the top five resources for TTC and Fertility on the web, in no particular order.

Fertility Friend

Fertility Friend is by far the best TTC resource on the web. Not only do they have an advanced, easy-to-use charting software program through their website but they also have a comprehensive charting course explaining everything from OPK's (ovulation predictor kits) to early pregnancy symptoms. They do have interactive forums with a wealth of information but you have to pay a membership fee to use the forums as well as some of the VIP features of the charting software. Basic charting and interpretation is free, as well as the charting course and informative articles available on the site.

Baby Center

What I like the best about Baby Center is the resources available to you even after you get pregnant, deliver and your child grows up. They have their website separated into sections such as Getting Pregnant, Pregnancy, Baby, Toddler and Big Kid. They have thousands of informative articles for every aspect of TTC and pregnancy as well as forums available to you every step of the way. Everything on Baby Center is free to use, including articles, forums, tools and calculators and TTC stories.

Fertility Stories

Who doesn't love TTC success stories? Whether you have been trying for a month or a year (or longer), you want a reason to hold on to the hope that someday it will be you will the blooming belly and baby in your arms. Fertility Stories is a website with hundreds of stories about trying to get pregnant from a diverse group of men and women. These individuals and couples have struggled through temping, charting, OPK's and timed intercourse. You will also find stories from infertility survivors who have gone through IUI (intra-uterine insemination), IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) and many other infertility medications and treatments. You are sure to find a couple with the same issues you are dealing with, that now have their beautiful baby.


You are probably no stranger to the wealth of information on iVillage for women just like you, and their fertility section is no exception! The best thing about iVillage is their community forums. In their fertility area, they have a large number of forums that are free to use and specific to situations. You can choose from TTC after Miscarriage, TTC over 35, Overweight and TTC and many others. Join one or join them all.

Early Pregnancy Tests

If you are looking to buy any sort of fertility/TTC aid then Early-Pregnancy-Tests is the place to get them from. Around since 2001, Early Pregnancy Tests offers a multitude of supplies including but not limited to pregnancy tests, OPK's, fertility supplements for men and women, fertility monitors, fertility tea and jewelry and more. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

These are just the top five out of literally hundreds of resources on the web for TTC, fertility, infertility and pregnancy. Hopefully this is a good jump start towards your miracle.

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