Old Wives Tales on Fertility and Pregnancy, Fact or Fiction?
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Old Wives Tales on Fertility and Pregnancy, Fact or Fiction?

Old wives tales, fact or fiction

I was married 3 years before I became pregnant. We wanted to start a family so I was never on any birth control. After the second year passed it became a concern for us. We initially went to the doctor and we were told there was nothing wrong with either of us.

So many couples face this same dilemma. I will say that 50% of couples are just not having sex at the right time to complete conception. In most cases if you are patient and relax about this natural event it will happen. You should start having sex 5 days before ovulation. If you wait up to the day of ovulation you may miss this time to conceive. Calculating your ovulation cycle is key when trying to conceive.

There are some old wives tales that have been passed down through the generations. One of them worked for me. Don’t count them out. After you think about the old wives tale some of them make sense. Remember before doctor’s women used natural and herbal remedies for everything that ails them. It the end of the article I will tell you which one worked for me.

 Wives Tales

• Start an exercise program, this helps you relax and not be as stressed about the whole conception saga.

• Look to your own mother and her conception and mirror her experience to yours. If your mother had difficulties you are likely to have them too. A    woman cycle is usually similar to their mothers.

• Try and have an orgasm at the same time of your partner. This increases the chance of the egg and sperm meeting.

• Take Geritol, the liquid kind contains direct vitamins to the blood stream that will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

• The Missionary position so the sperm has an easier chance to make it to the egg. The thought behind this is for the woman lay on her back for at least 30 minutes to allow sperm to make it to the egg.

• Don’t douche during the time you are trying to conceive.

• Have sex under a tree at full moon. A woman’s cycle reacts to the moon.

I guess you’re wondering which one of these worked for me? Remember,  for me two years passed and nothing. We went to the doctor and he said nothing was wrong with either of us. That summer I talked to my Great Aunt about it and she instructed me to get Geritol, the liquid. I took the Geritol for three months, that forth month, I was pregnant. Today I have three children. Fact or Fiction you decide. While there are a large number of woman who have difficulty conceiving, for most of us it’s just timing. My Aunt Contends the rich vitamin intact help me ovulate more regularly. Most of these wives tales have some truth to them, before you spend thousands of dollars at a clinic, try a few and see if it works for you.

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Comments (5)

very good article, I remember them very well

interesting article. Not sure about the full moon one though.

Very interesting. These old wives tales come from eons of time before drugs, traffic, fine medical schools, etc. Shouldn't be completely disregarded. I attended a workshop last night about adrenal exhaustion - caused by a constant level of stress in most everyone's life these days. There was discussion about stress causing infertility or difiiculty with conception. I recalled a woman I worked with 30 years ago. She was commuting about an hour each way via commuter train to her job. She and her husband really wanted a baby but things weren't working. She had an old doctor who told her she should quit working. He said it would calm her down enough that she would conceive. Tough decision because it was a poor economy then also. But they made that decision and sure enough, about three and half months later, they were pregnant and then had a healthy baby girl. I'm often amazed by the magazines in the check out lane touting some great new "natural" remedy. When I read it, it's something even my grandparents knew about before the days of penicillin.

You never know what is going to work. I suppose all those old wives tales must be based on something!

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