List of the Easiest Ways to Get Pregnant
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List of the Easiest Ways to Get Pregnant

Tips and advice for getting pregnant--time tested.

There are some methods which can be used to help evaluate the most fertile period and the most favorable days for becoming pregnant. Start regular intake of prenatal vitamins before you start to think of conceiving. It may take time, however, but the good side to it is that almost all couples will start seeing positive signs in a year. Though not all women have the ideal 28 day cycle but gaining knowledge about your menstrual cycle and symptoms of your ovulation will may make the task of becoming pregnant easier.

Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

On an average your menstrual cycle should last for 28-32 days. But your cycle can be divided in to two parts viz. the period prior to ovulation and the period post ovulation. This division has been made by the American Pregnancy Association. First day of your monthly period marks the first day 1 of your cycle. Ideally the date of ovulation should be around 14th day of the cycle. You should indulge in intercourse frequently while in the most fertile period which is 5 days up to ovulation.

If the frequency of indulging in an intercourse every 48 hours is maintained then there is definitely a possibility of the sperm reaching the fallopian tube at any time to fertilize the egg produced by your body.

Monitoring The Cervical Mucous

Before ovulation, you might notice rise in an odorless, pasty vaginal discharge that resembles raw egg white. This is the fertile and the ideal cervical mucous and you must indulge in intercourse more often at this time. Post ovulation, you will notice that the discharge becomes sticky and cloudy. This indicates that the chances of you becoming pregnant at this time are odd. It is possible that the discharge disappears completely.

Basal Body Temperature

The basal temperature of your body measures a fluctuation in temperature that occurs post ovulation. It remains at this level till the next period begins, states the American Pregnancy Association. Taking your body temperature every day before getting up from the bed is a great idea. As the time for ovulation approaches, you can start noting it down. You will notice a pattern of decrease in it and sudden rise post ovulation. The moment you realize that there is a slight dip in the temperature you can conclude that ovulation has taken place. This is the time to indulge in frequent intercourse.

It is a good idea to start noting the basal body temperature a couple of months before you wish to conceive. This will assist in better understanding of the natural cycle of your body.

Ovulation Predictor Kits

You will be happy to know that there are Ovulation Predictor Kits available in the market at medical stores. You can buy it and use it as it helps detect the increase in hormones. Increase of hormones is a clear sign of ovulation occurring in a span of 24-48 hours. This method has proved to be most effective among couples and you can try it too.


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