Going Beyond Teen Pregnancy: A Shocking Story Of A Mother At Age 5
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Going Beyond Teen Pregnancy: A Shocking Story Of A Mother At Age 5

Teen pregnancy is a big problem. This article deals with a problem that goes even beyond teen pregnancy. Lina Medina is about to give birth at age 5. Learn more about this rare case and find out who the youngest mother in the world is.

Teen pregnancy statistics show that one of the countries with the highest rate of early pregnancies is the United States. It is no longer news if stories about teenagers thirteen to fifteen years of age become pregnant. Though government sex education efforts resulted into a significant drop in the rates recently, the US still have about a million cases of teen pregnancies. Record will show that in 2000, while USA had more than 800 thousand teen pregnancies, Canada only had more than 40 thousand and Sweden and France had even lower rates.

It is very frustrating for a mother to learn that her teenage child is going to have her own child. It would therefore be doubly shocking to the mother of Lina Medina to learn that her child, who is 8 years short of becoming a teenager, is 8 months pregnant.

Lina Medina’s story started in Lima, Peru. Her mother, fearing that some evil spirit have entered her body which resulted into her bloated stomach, brought her to Dr. Geraldo Lozada. What the surgeon thought to be abdominal tumor turned out to be a fetus about to reach its full term. This gave him the surprise of his life since Lina is only about 3 feet in height and is basically just a shy child with her braided hair and a big bulge in the stomach.

One of the disadvantages of teen pregnancy is the failure of the female body to achieve full development in preparation for childbirth. A lady at a young age will not have her pelvis fully developed as of yet, more so in the case of Lina Medina, who is about to give birth at the very young age of 5. It was close to impossible for Lina to give birth normally and was thus given a caesarian operation by Dr. Lozada on May 14, 1939. This made her the youngest mother in history to date.

Since the case of Lina is too rare, she was observed further and was found to have a well-developed body even at a very young age. Her breasts started developing at age 4 and she already experienced bone maturation and pelvic widening at 5. This however, was not enough to allow her to have normal delivery. Despite the abnormal circumstances surrounding Lina’s situation, her baby came out healthy weighing full 6 pounds.

Lina’s father was arrested for rape and incest but not enough evidence can be filed against him. This resulted to his later release. It is not clear up to now who fathered Lina’s baby.

Lina went on to survive her difficult ordeal and lived a normal life, a trait any mother with unexpected pregnancy should have. She was given education by Dr. Lozada. He also made her his secretary in his clinic when she reached a more mature age. Likewise, he helped in the education of Lina’s child, Geraldo, who was named after him.

In 1972, Lina gave birth again, this time to her child with husband Raul Jurado. They may not be a rich family but they are now living a normal married life. Unfortunately in 1979, her son Geraldo died at age 40 due to a bone marrow disease.

Lina’s story is a good example of how problems should be handled no matter how difficult. Teen pregnancy is one of the problems the youth of today is facing. It has adverse emotional, physical, mental, moral and spiritual effects on many individuals involved especially the couple, the parents and the innocent child. If cases such as this happened to a loved one, it would be to everybody’s advantage to give love and understanding instead of harboring hatred and resentment. Feeling scared and confused is normal. It is how the people involved will surpass the problem together that will spell the difference.


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Comments (14)

It is shocking and sad, what an experience to go through for one so young - Excellent write up !

This is absolutely shocking. Good article.

Great article

Very well written article, not to mention interesting. I had never heard of this story before - it's very sad.

Oh my gosh, I hadn't heard of this either

I actually remember hearing about this when I was growing up. I heard that the thin atmosphere in the Andes causes girls to mature early. I don't know if there's any truth to that.

Nice article, but in early days teenage pregnancies were more common than exceptions. There were days that twelve year old girls were married and had children themselves.

I've read of this before, -tragic and uplifting all the same.

So appalling for such a young child to have been raped. This, sadly, goes on much more then we know because most very young sexually abused girls do not get pregnant. How can an adult be so evil to a child?

Unbelievable story! Amazing that such a thing could actually happen. Great write, very compelling!

In 1939, most children were not 12 and married. In medieval times most people died at the ages between 15-21 due to black death, swords, pillaging, etc. Children have been maturing at a faster rate than prior generations. Maybe there is something in the food. What a nasty, nasty man. I think he should have been called to the gallows on a stormy day.

OMG! 5? Shocking...

Shocking really! Sexual experiences at 5? Whoever did this to her was one crazy man. Sigh.

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