Fertility 101: Best Ways to Conceive
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Fertility 101: Best Ways to Conceive

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Have you been trying for your first baby for a few months now, and still not pregnant? Well do not feel disheartened; as few months of trying does not mean that you have fertility problems. Read on to find about the best ways to conceive quickly and the common mistakes which delay pregnancy.

The main reasons of not conceiving can simply be that you are not making love at the right times. In the woman’s monthly menstrual cycle, there are two to three days in which pregnancy can take place, and if you are not aware of your most fertile days you obviously miss the boat. So your first and foremost task to achieve success should be tracking down your most fertile days.

Figure out when you ovulate

In a regular 28-day cycles simply count 14 days from the first day of your period to determine your ovulation date. Plan the intercourse from day 10 to day 18 of your menstrual cycle. It is usually very difficult to find the exact ovulation time therefore, it is recommended to give your best during these days as this week is the most fertile week of a woman's menstrual cycle.

Alternatively buy an ovulation test. It is very important to find out the exact time when you are ovulating. If you miss your ovulation period you just end up loosing another month.

Figure out your ovulating period by checking the cervical Mucus which is very slippery and stretchy on your most fertile days. When your periods end, usually after few days you find a fluid inside the lower end of your vagina. This exactly is the cervical mucus and you can easily keep a track of it. Test it by tapping your thumb and first finger together. To track the ideal time for conceiving check your cervical mucus .

Sticky Mucus - If the mucus seems to be sticky or your mucus findings are scanty that means that it is not the right time yet.

Creamy Mucus – If the mucus is creamy that signifies that ovulation is coming .

Wet ,Watery and Stretchy Mucus – A wet, watery and stretchy mucus denotes that ovulation is close. Your baby making sex should start at this stage.

White, Wet, Slippery, Stretchy Mucus – When your mucus is very wet, and it stretches between your fingers for at least an inch or more, if it resembles like raw egg white this surly means that your cervical mucus is extremely fertile. Indicating that ovulation is just around the corner, and signifies that now is the perfect time to conceive.

Track down other factors which could be delaying your pregnancy


Smoking can actually triple your chances of not being able to conceive. Smoking is a great barrier to all your efforts to conceive .Giving up smoking before you conceive is a must.

Vaginal Sprays, Artificial lubricants

In the process of baby making your vaginal environment should be sperm friendly as far as possible. Therefore avoid using any vaginal sprays, scented tampons and artificial lubricants. Any type of vaginal infections can easily interfere in your baby making plans.


To increase the possibility of your conception you got to decrease the caffeine intake from your daily routine. So stop drinking coffee right now as caffeine is not at all helping you in your efforts to conceive. Caffeine reduces fertility to a great extent. Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices instead.

Partners Briefs

It is very important that your partner wear the right underwear especially during your most fertile period. Insist him to wear boxer shorts rather than close-fitting briefs so that the sperm can breath and produce more. Boxer shots help immensely to have a healthy sperm count.

Getting up from the bed right away after love making

Getting up from the bed right away after love making is not good at all.Try to elevate your bottom with pillows to facilitate the sperm a head start for at least 5 to 10 minutes. After intercourse simply relax in bed, and increase the chances of sperm to meet your awaiting egg by lifting your legs or elevating the hips and leaving the sperm inside to enhance the chances of conception.

Immediate washing up!

Do not go and wash your vagina immediately after an intercourse. This act of yours could easily remove the sperm which has just been deposited.

Tips for conceiving and healthy pregnancy

1 Try making love in the morning as it can be of great help, since the semen has the highest number of sperm in the morning.

2 Start taking folic acid as it reduce the chances of giving birth to baby with neural tube defect. Take at least 0.4mg of folic acid per day from the time you start trying to conceive, till the time you conceive and continue for 3 months afterwards to potentially reduce the risk of having a fetus with a neural tube defect.

3 Stay calm and happy and try not to think about pregnancy at all times. Stay stress free and relaxed.

Most of all remember it takes a normal fertile couple an average of six to eight months to conceive so be patient and don't get panicky to conceive. All the best, and carry on with love !

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Great advice.

Great tips for those who want to have a baby.

I wish I came upon this article years ago! :)

Sina 'Tobi

I wonder why I've not ccome across this site earlier. Finally I did enjoy this article,may you all remain bless and don't stop this!