Early Pregnancy: How Soon Will You Know For Sure?
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Early Pregnancy: How Soon Will You Know For Sure?

How soon can you get a positive on a pregnancy test?

If you're anything like most mothers, you will already know you are going to be pregnant before the egg even reaches your tubes. Many mothers are well known to have precognitive dreams about their soon-to-be babies, as well as just having that feeling after the deed is done.

The only problem with this wonderful gift of "knowing", is that you can't prove it to the world then and there. The only way to satisfy your own mind and general medical science, is to get a positive on a pregnancy test. Until then, it's simply a matter of trying to satisfy your impatient mind with information until you get a final yay or nay on the subject.

This can be nerve wracking on the mind, which is probably why you are here. Sometimes reading every article you can on early pregnancy, can help ease that anxiety until you reach the point of no return. Other times, it's just nice to know how soon we might know, when in the process of trying to conceive.

So how soon is the soonest you will know that you are pregnant?

Each woman is different and I can only give you my personal experiences, the experiences of those I know and information from my own sleepless nights of research on the subject. So far, the general consensus is that you will get that positive pee stick between 5 and 8 weeks pregnant. If this is your second or third pregnancy, you will probably get a positive pregnancy test at 5 weeks, as opposed to 7 or 8 weeks in your first pregnancy.

The reason for this, is because the HCG levels that are produced by your pregnant body, have to build up enough to be noticeable to a pregnancy test. You don't have to be chuck full of HCG to get a positive result either, they are surprisingly accurate for the small amount of HCG that they test for. So you can miss all the periods you like, but if you don't reach a certain level of HCG levels, then you're not officially pregnant yet.

I know it can be hard to wait that long if you are positive that your positive, but once you have the 5 to 8 week rule down, you can at least remind yourself that you'll be there soon.

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